Saber Simulator codes

Train your character by swinging your sword and gathering strength. Use strength to fight other players. Sell your strength for coins and upgrade your character in the shop. As with most simulators, the object of the game is to collect coins in order to buy new and better equipment. Players can earn coins by running around and beating up other players.

Full list with all the valid and active Saber Simulator codes, so you can get all the free rewards of one of this roblox game.

release – 150 coins

cookie – 500 coins

gravy – 500 coins

robzi – 500 coins

razor – 500 coins

js – 500 coins

mirrorrs – 10000 strength

Prez – 200 crowns

GOLDEN – 200 crowns

BOSS – 200 crowns and 1000 coins

henrydev – 2000 strength

MIRRAWRXD – 500 crowns

Erick – 300 crowns

HALLOWEEN – 500 crowns


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