Ninja Legends ALL new codes

Train your skills, use gained Ninjitsu to increase your health and damage, sell your Ninjitsu for coins and upgrade your items in the shop, unlock more Double Jumps and discover Islands high above, buy epic pets to help you gain stats faster.

All the Ninja Legends codes in one list below.

Active and valid codes

launch100 – 100 coins

epicsensei500 – 500 Chi

masterninja750 – some Chi

swiftblade300 – some Chi

soulhunter5 – 5 souls

legends200m – Chi boost

desertninja250 – Chi boost

sparkninja20 – 20 souls

dragonwarrior500 – 675 Chi

legends100m – Chi boost

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  1. Hey I love ninja legends and i want to be a bIGGEST FAN AND I RELLY LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHH♥♥♥♥♥

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